Ronaldo Designer Jewelry

Handcrafted Wire-crafted bracelets, rings and pendants

Each Ronaldo Designer Jewelry piece is handcrafted in the USA in New Albany, IN and Springfield, KY by individual artists who take pride in their work. We are a family owned and operated company that has stood behind our quality and craftsmanship for over three decades. Ronaldo is a master jewelry artist with over 33 years of experience studying the hidden art of wire-crafting and wire-sculpting that dates back over 4000 years to the Phoenicians.  Ronaldo has trained countless artists to develop their skills because of strong belief in creating jobs and keeping them in the United States.

The significance behind each handcrafted bracelet is the inspirational story of why it was created or what it represents. Many of our bracelets support charities on the local and national level. Each bracelet is specifically handcrafted to fit any sized individual. We use only the finest materials available for our pearls, gemstones and cameos, and .925 Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Artist Wire. We will never sacrifice quality for price.